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We provide a creative platform focusing on design and
art direction to share and solve various issues
related to companies and brands from an
early stage of their inception. With our creative power,
we transform contents like business plans
and product development that are hard to visualize in the
realm of business, into essential values and visions.
In addition, we also organize the specialized teams
according to the nature of each project to propose and
construct new perspectives. Starting from a prototype
stage to advertising and PR strategies,
we offer a one-stop service leading to the
final outputs targeted to consumers.
In recent years, the issues faced by companies and
brands have become diverse and complex.
In addition to the conventional 4 types of mass media
(TV / newspaper / radio / magazine),
there is an increasing number of cases that
require more sophisticated strategies
designed to integrate with the internet, PR, etc.
The communication strategies, evolving day by day,
should address these new markets.
We are to design yet-to-be-seen visions together with the
power of creativity and consulting.


Koichiro Toda
Co-Founder & CEO
Creative Director / Art Director
Born in Sado Island in 1970. He graduated from the Department of Design II, Tokyo Zokei University in 1995. After joining Communication Design Center (CDC) at Dentsu Inc., he was involved in a wide range of activities, including advertising in media such as TV commercials, newspapers, and posters; brand development; designing logos and CD jackets. He received numerous awards in Japan and overseas, including the Tokyo ADC Award, Asahi Advertising Award, Mainichi Advertisement Design Award, One Show Design, and D&AD Award. After his experience at Dentsu Inc., he co-founded CC INC. with Taro Saito in January 2017.

"From birth, people are ruled by what they see, what they hear, and what they feel. Much of the information is predominantly visually based. It would be exciting if we could find a new perspective to what we imagine using our creativity.”
戸田 宏一郎
Co-Founder & CEO
Creative Director / Art Director
1970 年、佐渡島生まれ。95 年東京造形大学デザインII類卒。株式会社電通入社後、CDC 局に在籍しテレビ CM、新聞、ポスターといった広告全般からブランド開発、ロゴマーク、CD ジャケットなどを幅広く手がける。東京 ADC 賞、朝日広告賞、毎日デザイン広告賞、OneShow Design、D&AD など国内外で受賞多数。2017 年 1 月に株式会社電通を経て、齋藤太郎と CC INC. を設立。

Taro Saito
Creative Director / Communication Designer
Born in Cleveland, Ohio, USA in 1972, and graduated from Keio University (SFC). After gaining experience at Dentsu Inc., he founded dof Inc. in 2005 with its business focusing on creating culture and value. His strength is to offer “problem-solving” proposals on a wide spectrum of communication from upstream to downstream, which includes management strategy, business strategy, corporate vision, product & service development, marketing strategy, media planning and final creative outputs, for clients that operate nationally as well as start-up companies. He co-founded CC INC. with Koichiro Toda in January 2017.Other concurrent positions:CEO of dof Inc., External Director of ZOZO Inc., External Director of CARTA HOLDINGS, Inc., External Director of for Startups, Inc.

“Success in marketing is about delivering results, and I think the creative output is an integral part of that achievement. In that sense, unlike self-expressive art, it is a part of capitalistic activities that affect people's feelings and change their behavior and attitude. At the same time, we believe that what we create as professionals should not end up with the commercialism for ‘exploitative sales,’ but instead, should be ‘beneficial’ to our society.”
齋藤 太郎
Creative Director / Communication Designer
1972 年、アメリカ合衆国オハイオ州クリーブランド生まれ。慶應SFC卒。株式会社電通入社後、2005 年に文化と価値の創造を生業とする、株式会社 dof を設立。ナショナルクライアントからスタートアップ企業まで、経営戦略、事業戦略、企業ビジョン策定、製品・サービス開発、マーケティング戦略立案、メディアプランニング、クリエイティブの最終アウトプットに至るまで、コミュニケーションの川上から川下まで「課題解決」を主眼とした提案を得意とする。2017 年 1 月に戸田宏一郎と CC INC. を設立。そのほかの現職:株式会社 dof 代表取締役 CEO、株式会社 ZOZO 社外取締役、株式会社 CARTA HOLDINGS 社外取締役、フォースタートアップス株式会社社外取締役

田代 祐美子 / Yumiko Tashiro
岐阜県出身。12 年女子美術大学短期大学部造形学科卒。広告制作会社、個人デザイン事務所を経て、現職。
Born in Gifu, graduated from Joshibi Junior College of Art and Design in 2012. After working for an advertising production company and a private design office, joined CC INC.
目黒 洋子 / Yoko Meguro
宮城県出身。14 年東北学院大学英文学科卒。化粧品メーカーを経て、現職。
Born in Miyagi, graduated from English Literature at Tohoku Gakuin University in 2014. After working for a cosmetic company, joined CC INC.
菅野 なつみ / Natsumi Kanno
栃木県出身。20 年武蔵野美術大学造形学部視覚伝達デザイン学科卒。映像制作会社を経て、現職。
Born in Tochigi, graduated from Visual Communication Design at Musashino Art University in 2020. After working for a film production company, joined CC INC.
平野 晶 / Aki Hirano
千葉県出身。16 年多摩美術大学生産デザイン学科卒。  
Born in Chiba, graduated from Product Design at Tama Art University in 2016. After working for a textile design company and as a research associate at a university, joined CC INC.
山本 彩 / Aya Yamamoto
Accounting Clerk
埼玉県出身。12 年日本女子大学家政学部卒。損害保険会社、広告代理店を経て、現職。
Born in Saitama, graduated from the Faculty of Home Economics at Japan Women's University in 2012. After working for a non-life insurance company and an advertising agency,  joined CC INC.


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3F Nishi-shimbashi 2-chome Mori Bldg.
2-22-1 Nishi-shimbashi Minato-ku,Tokyo 105-0003